Route Details

  • Start: Lake Hiawatha Park
  • End: Triangle Park
  • Distance: 1.9 miles


Triangle Park is a small playground in Hale, just at the south end of Bloomington Ave. It’s well hidden (I couldn’t even find a city URL to link to), and very well appointed. There’s two play structures that appeal to different ages, and foam floors everywhere for soft landings. There’s even a zip line!


Take the trail up to Minnehaha Creek, then down to Lake Nokomis. You can go around the lake either way, but we usually head around the west side, past the big beach. This is slightly shorter. If you take the long way, it will be closer to 2.5 miles. Triangle Park is just off the lake trail at 54th St.

Bike racks by the playground.



  • Leave Lake Hiawatha Park on the trail past the beach, heading south.
  • Go right at the bridge over the creek, and head up the hill to Minnehaha Pkwy.
  • Cross the parkway, and immediately go right to stay on the trail.
  • Part way down the hill, bear left to skirt the community center and get down to Lake Nokomis.
    • If you miss this turn, just head down the hill and take a left anywhere to get to the lake.
  • Go right on the lake trail, and follow it around the lake, and across Cedar Ave.
  • Across Cedar, you’re still on the lake trail. Keep going until you see the cutaway for 54th St.
  • Go right to head toward 54th St.
  • Get onto 54th (you’re heading west) and take a left just past the Bloomington Ave. stop sign.
  • Try to aim for the curb cut that leads to the park, rather than the parking lot. If you get into the parking lot, you might have to jump the curb (if you can!) or turn around awkwardly to get over to the playground.