Route Details

  • Start: Lake Hiawatha Park
  • End: Midtown Farmers Market (Lake St. and Hiawatha Ave.)
  • Distance: 1.7 miles


The Midtown Farmers Market (note: not the same as Midtown Global Market) is a fun and easy trek through Standish and Corcoran neighborhoods. It’s a small market, but usually has some fun and tasty food trucks, and, if you head on the weekends, there’s usually some live music, too. If the market food doesn’t strike your fancy that day, it’s a short hop up 31st St. to Taco Taxi and Mercado Central. Heading the other way, you’ll find Gandhi Mahal (one of our faves!) and the East Lake Library if you need a storytime stop.


Head through the neighborhood, ending up on 23rd Ave. and 31st St. I like to take 23rd Ave. north across the neighborhood, because it features exclusively 4-way stops. I have heard good things about 24th Ave., too. As with the Powderhorn route, there are a number of routes with quiet streets that can take you there. I’ll write the one I like, but this route is ripe for experimentation!



  • Leave Lake Hiawatha Park on 27th Ave. heading north.
  • Straight across 42nd St. and head up to 39th St.
  • Go left on 39th St. and go west several blocks to 23rd Ave.
  • Go right on 23rd Ave. until you get to 38th St.
  • At 38th St., you jog to the left and then immediately go right again to stay on 23rd Ave. (Hi Sisters!)
  • Smooth sailing from here! Take 23rd all the way until it dead-ends in the parking lot of the market.