Route Details

  • Start: Lake Hiawatha Park
  • End: McRae Park
  • Distance: 2.5 miles


McRae Park is a classic neighborhood park. It’s a great ride along the creek, and one of the best things is that there’s great spots to visit when you’re there. Sovereign Grounds is close by, one of the best indoor distractions. And if you need something sweet: Pumphouse Creamery!


Take the trail up to Minnehaha Creek, and follow the creek trail all the way to Chicago Ave. You can head straight up the Chicago Ave. bike line if you want, but one way to avoid the hill is to take Elliot Ave. instead. There’s still somewhat of a climb, but it’s not as steep and there’s less traffic.



  • Leave Lake Hiawatha Park on the trail past the beach, heading south.
  • Go right at the bridge over the creek, and head up the hill to Minnehaha Pkwy.
  • Cross the parkway, and immediately go right to stay on the trail.
  • Take the trail down the hill all the way, cross Cedar Ave. and keep on going.
  • When you reach Chicago Ave., go right.
  • As soon as you make it across, go right again onto the little frontage road.
  • Go left at the next block, which is Elliot Ave. This runs parallel to Chicago Ave.
  • Take Elliot Ave. straight up the hill and a couple more blocks to McRae (at 47th St.)