Route Details

  • Start: Lake Hiawatha Park
  • End: Lake Hiawatha Park
  • Distance: 2 miles


This route is designed to be a quick tour of the Ericsson neighborhood, which we made up on the spot during a Halloween ride in 2017. It uses 34th Ave. which isn’t really the greatest bike route in the world. However, it is a quick tour for those days when you need to stretch your legs, and just maybe, you happen to be wearing a costume.


Take 42nd St. east and head right just before Hiawatha Ave., staying on the west side of the sound wall. This is 34th Ave. Continue on until you reach the creek trail, which you can take back to Lake Hiawatha Park (or wherever else your heart desires).



  • Leave Lake Hiawatha Park on 27th Ave. heading north.
  • Go right on 42nd St. and go up to the block before Hiawatha Ave.
  • Go right onto 34th Ave. Head south for several blocks, until you reach 47th St.
  • A block after the 4-way stop (46th St.), you’ll want to prepare to take a left turn onto a curb cut before the bridge.
  • Go left across 34th to the curb cut. This will take you onto a bike trail, and down to the creek.
    • If you can’t get left across 34th, thats OK. Take a right onto 47th St. instead, and hop onto the creek trail 2 blocks later, at 32nd Ave.
  • Take a right at the bottom of the hill and you’ll be going under that bridge. Echo!!
  • Follow the Minnehaha Creek trail (heading east) until you reach Lake Hiawatha. Before you get there, you’ll cross Nokomis Ave. and 28th Ave.
  • After crossing 28th Ave., bear right at the next fork (don’t go over the bridge). Follow this trail along the shoreline of Lake Hiawatha back to the park.